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Introducing The Jubilee Collection

Inspired by a fresh approach to our designs, we would like to welcome you to our...

NEW Jubilee Collection!

We hope you will find our latest products with trendy flair, but also a classy feel. Truly something for every style.

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Amazon Earrings Amazon Necklace Azure Necklace
Amazon Earrings
Price: $12.00
Amazon Necklace
Price: $55.00
Azure Necklace
Price: $32.00
Babel Earrings Blue Sea Lapis Earrings Boho Earrings
Babel Earrings
Price: $17.00
Boho Earrings
Price: $16.00
Boho Leaf Necklace Boho Medallion Bracelet Boho Medallion Necklace
Boho Leaf Necklace
Price: $32.00
Bold Leaf Charm Necklace Caroline Blue Lapis Necklace Claire Bracelet
Claire Bracelet
Price: $24.00
Claire Earrings Claire Necklace Claire Too Earrings
Claire Earrings
Price: $17.00
Claire Necklace
Price: $35.00
Claire Too Earrings
Price: $17.00
Cloudy Morning Necklace Crystalline Earrings Deja Bracelet
Deja Bracelet
Price: $27.00
Earthy Crystal Necklace Frostine Earrings Frostine Necklace
Frostine Earrings
Price: $10.00
Frostine Necklace
Price: $36.00
Golden Oval Earrings Golden Tear Earrings Hope Stone Necklace
Hope Stone Necklace
Price: $30.00
Jasmine Necklace Jewel of the Nile Earrings Jewel of the Nile Necklace
Jasmine Necklace
Price: $82.00
Journey Necklace Mandi Bracelet Moonlight Hoop Earrings
Journey Necklace
Price: $20.00
Mandi Bracelet
Price: $27.00