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Jing Jai Earrings (Orchid) Jing Jai Earrings (Pistachio) Jing Jai Earrings (Saffron)
Charity Earrings (Cascade) Charity Earrings Fruit of the Vine Earrings
Charity Earrings
Price: $23.99
Sincerity Earrings Poise Earrings Affection Earrings
Sincerity Earrings
Price: $15.99
Poise Earrings
Price: $14.99
Affection Earrings
Price: $19.00
Friendship Earrings Praise Earrings Fruit of the Vine Earrings (Pomegranate)
Friendship Earrings
Price: $23.99
Praise Earrings
Price: $26.99
Laurel of Grace Earrings Laurel of Faith Earrings Myriad Earrings
Myriad Earrings
Price: $24.99
Myriad Necklace Treasure Earrings Legacy Necklace
Myriad Necklace
Price: $29.99
Treasure Earrings
Price: $14.99
Legacy Necklace
Price: $39.99
Elegance Necklace Cornucopia Necklace Connections Necklace
Elegance Necklace
Price: $29.99
Cornucopia Necklace
Price: $49.99
Peace Pendant Truth Pendant Content Pendant
Peace Pendant
Price: $4.50
Truth Pendant
Price: $4.50
Content Pendant
Price: $4.50
Daring Pendant Reflection Pendant Secure Pendant
Daring Pendant
Price: $4.50
Secure Pendant
Price: $4.50
Treasure Necklace Blessings Earrings Freedom Pendant
Treasure Necklace
Price: $49.99
Blessings Earrings
Price: $24.99
Freedom Pendant
Price: $4.50